Alice Munro's statement about the influence of [Emily of New Moon] by 다음엇지

Alice Munro (1931, 7/10 ~ )
Novel prize awarded for her works as master of modern short storty

But what's central to the story, and amy be harder to write about than sex or the confised feelings in families, is the development of a child - and a girl child at that - into a writer. Emily says, near the end of the book, that she has to write, she would write no mater what, and we have been shown not only how she leared to write, but how she discovered writing as a way of surviving as herself in the world.....We're there as Emily gets on with this business, as she pounces on words in uncertainty and delight, takes charge and works them over and fits them dazzlingly in place, only to be bewildered and ashamed, in half a year's time, when she reads over her splendid creation...

What mattered to me finally in this book, what was to matter to me in books from then on, was knowing more about life than I'd been told, and moer than I can ever tell.

- "Afterworkd." Emily of New Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Toronto: McClenlland & Stewart/New Canadian Library, 1989: 357-61.


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